Lift Kits and Suspension components installed by qualified suspension experts.

Suspension Lifts & Components

Lift kits and upgraded suspension components improve the off-road capabilities, appearance, and driving experience of 4WD vehicles. These modifications involve replacing or adjusting several suspension components such as shocks, springs, and control arms. Lift kits elevate the vehicle’s body, providing additional ground clearance and more space for larger tires. Suspension upgrades, on the other hand, aim to enhance the vehicle’s stability, handling, and comfort. However, installing these upgrades requires extensive knowledge of suspension systems, and they must only be performed by qualified suspension experts to ensure safety and proper vehicle performance. An experienced technician can also help choose the right kit and components for your vehicle based on the intended use, driving style, and budget, among other factors. Routine maintenance of these aftermarket upgrades is essential to ensure maximum performance and longevity.

Ready to take your Suspension Next Level?

Ready to take your Suspension Next Level?


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