Brake repair and upgrades for all makes and models.

Brake Repairs & Upgrades

If you’re noticing that it takes longer to come to a full stop when you apply your brakes, or if you’re feeling any vibrations or strange noises when you hit the brake pedal, it may be time for some repairs or upgrades to your brake system. Our experienced technicians can diagnose any problems and recommend the best course of action to keep you safe on the road. We offer a range of brake services, including brake pad replacement, brake line repairs, rotor resurfacing or replacement, and upgrading to performance brakes for better stopping power. Trust us to provide reliable, dependable service at an affordable price. Don’t take chances with your safety – schedule an appointment with our brake experts today!

Get in touch to book a Brake Repair

Get in touch to book a Brake Repair


We have a number of courtesy vehicles available to our customers. Ask about availability at time of booking.


We warrant our workmanship for a period of 12 months and 20,000kms, giving you peace of mind.