Slipping Clutch? We can help with OEM or upgraded clutch options.

Clutch Repairs & Flywheel Machining

Sunshine Coast 4WD Centre can assist you with both general clutch repairs/replacements as well as Heavy Duty Performance Clutch upgrades. Generally people only go with a genuine manufacturer clutch if their vehicle is standard, they have no plans of upgrading their vehicle and the clutch fails. For small passenger vehicles, such as sedans/ hatchbacks, we generally recommend a standard clutch replacement if the clutch fails as a heavier duty clutch is not required in these vehicles.

However, for the avid four wheel driver, usually a heavy duty clutch will be required at some point. Often OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) clutches are not suitable for 4WDs that have had upgrades to increase power/torque. Upgrades such as an ECU Remap/ Tune or Plug and Play options will deliver more power than the OEM clutch can manage as such, the clutch begins to ‘slip’ or can fail completely.

Clutch Problems? We Can Get It Sorted.

Clutch Problems? We can get it Sorted.


We have a number of courtesy vehicles available to our customers. Ask about availability at time of booking.


We warrant our workmanship for a period of 12 months and 20,000kms, giving you peace of mind.