Got a few KM's on your Diesel? Your intake manifold most likely needs to be cleaned!

Intake Manifold Cleaning/De-Carb

Due to restrictions imposed on manufacturers to meet strict emissions standards, Modern Diesel engines are fitted with EGR systems, making them prone to clogged up intake manifold components, eventually choking the engine from airflow. This issue usually presents after around 100,000 kms and is more common in vehicles driven for short distances, or vehicles doing lots of stop/start driving.

EGR systems recirculate exhaust gases back through the engine via the intake manifold to reduce engine emissions and when combined with the oil vapors which are also returned through the intake manifold from the crankcase breather, causes a build-up of carbon sludge, which if not removed, will choke the intake system causing loss of power, poor fuel economy and engine fault codes. The only effective option to resolve this is to remove the EGR valve, intake manifold and inlet components and manually clean them using chemicals and pressure washers to return the components to an as new condition, getting your vehicle back on the road and running better than ever.
As a preventative measure, we recommend installation of a Catch can to capture the oil vapor before it enters the intake system, reducing the amount of oil entering the intake and causing this build up again in the future.

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